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Pearl sitting in the sunshing


Pearl is super playful and affectionate and enjoys splashing in water and chasing the spray from the hose. She also loves her pats and treats and is very dedicated to her people. 
Pearl is looking a bit wide around the middle in this photo as it was taken when she was expecting puppies! 



Meera is a young up and coming girl! She has a gentle personality and is smart, happy and loves to play in water. She is growing up well and enjoys learning new things.  

Meera sitting and smiling
Happy and playful Sasha


Sasha is a smart dog who takes really well to
new training.  She is playful and enjoys retrieving but also wants to stay close for pats and cuddles too.


Gypsy still thinks she is a puppy.  She just loves to play and retrieve and never seems to get tired of bringing back the ball or other toys.  She is also affectionate and loves her cuddles. 

Gypsy looking pretty!
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